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This screensaver was built using Flash technology. You just type in the date of your last reserve repack in the settings window, and it will automatically calculate 120 days from that date, or any amount of days you choose, based on your country's rules and/or laws, showing you the day, month, and year that your current pack job goes out of date. You then input the date of your last Cypres service. Once you save your settings, the active screensaver shows you a countdown until your next repack in months, days, and hours and minutes, and the years for the Cypres service. You can download it for free. Please donate if you like it.

When your reserve goes out of date, the timer changes to show you that it is out of date. The screensaver itself is small in file size so it doesn't eat up a lot of computer resources when it is running.  A handy little reminder

NOTE: We do have a 2 rig reminder available. Please email us via the contact page if you are interested.


We built this screensaver with the skydiver in mind. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to remember, 4 years from now, that your cypres needs to be serviced. Most of us have busy lives and struggle to remember birthdays and anniversaries. This little screensaver can help to eliminate being disappointed by a long drive to the DZ just to find out your reserve or cypres is out of date! Mine has helped me out more than once!

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